Validation of Olive Dawson’s gift

– Prove it, validation of the ‘witness’ Olive Dawson’s ‘gift’ –


“ For Those Who Have Faith, No Proof Is Necessary, For Those Who Do Not, No Proof Will Suffice”

Never a truer statement, otherwise we wouldn’t need faith, so for those who fall into the second category by act of will, no proof, scientific or other, will make any difference; Nevertheless, we have a duty to help whatever faith someone may have by informing their reason, since sound reason can by act of will make faith reasonable by grace into the first part.

The ‘gift’

So then, what follows are the principal details of an investigation into the claim that Olive Dawson lives (that is she is sustained) solely on the Bread and Wine used in the Catholic Mass. Once blessed by a Priest (that is Consecrated) it becomes what Jesus claimed it did, “real food” and “real drink”, His Body and Blood. Olive eats and drinks nothing else but this, and has done so for over 15 years at the time of writing.

Olive ‘gift’ makes her a witness to the Blessed Mother’s ‘message’ and ‘validating’ the claims made about the ‘gift’ ‘validates’ the ‘message’ making it reasonable and open to faith. Prove it! All right then we will……… But first a few important points

· Firstly, those involved in the validation process have a right to remain anonymous until such time they choose otherwise.

· Second, we are open to share this information but at our discretion.

· Third, a statement outline of the validation process and the principal investigation report are posted on this website; however, the medical and psychological reports referred to in the statement are not.

As responsible Catholics and rational believers in the Churches mandate to test supernatural gifts we offer this our own investigations for the scrutiny of the faithful. Personal information is withheld, as are independent reports on Oliver herself. Theses additional reports would of course be made available to the ‘competent authority’ in such circumstances that promote and support the Blessed Mother’s ‘message’ for the good of the salvation of Souls.