The Witness – why we believe it’s true

The first witness to the message is the Blessed Mother herself

The Blessed Mother first appeared in Dublin to the seer in 1988. This person who first received the message from Our Lady is, on Her instructions to remain hidden. Olive Dawson, also from Dublin but now living in Kent, England, has been chosen by the Blessed Mother to promote Her message. In order to carry out this special mission and to demonstrate its authenticity, Olive has been given the special grace to live on the Eucharist. Olive takes neither food nor water and needs very little sleep and has boundless energy, due to this gift. This commenced in September 1999 and continues to the present day.

We would like to stress however that this special grace has been granted Olive solely as witness to “Our Lady’s Message of Mercy to the World” and that neither she nor the ‘seer’ in Dublin are important. Both are just Our Blessed Mother’s willing instruments to promote Her ‘message’.

Olive devotes her time to traveling to wherever she is invited, to speak about Our Lady’s messages. A more detailed story and a series of interviews are provided for you to hear her share the experience of sharing this importance special gift from God has allowed, your heavenly Mother reaching out to you, Her children.

The Holy Mother’s Messages can change your life

‘My dear little one, I smile on you even though you think you are beyond repair, no one is beyond repair only those who wish to stay that way…they that read my message also will receive through my heart, spiritual favours increasing, even during their temporal lives and in the glory of Heaven.`

The current version of our Lady’s Book of Messages has 438 pages and over 200 separate sections most of which feature core messages which are in bold letters. These sections include invaluable instructions on how to reach deep within your heart and your inner soul to develop and bring to life your very best qualities.

The unifying theme is love as expressed in our Holy Mother’s maternal touch for you and her overriding desire to bring you closer to Her, Her Son and therefore God. The messages are at times encouraging, full of hope and promise. At times they may appear critical even ironical or demanding to you, but they are always constructive and full of love.

They are all designed to render your soul more beautiful, purify your very being and encourage you to live more by Her Son’s luminous example. The Holy Mother wants you to experience love and lead a virtuous, fulfilling and purposeful existence during your time on earth. She will help and guide you each step of the way towards peace and purpose and later on true happiness.

“Dear children I do love you infinitely! Don’t be sad if your life is not filled with divine favours. It is not this that is important. What is important is that you persevere in prayer and do not give in when life becomes hurtful. I am the Blessed Mother who shall come in the midst of all your misfortunes and keep you safe. You should know this! Be as good as you can. Live in faith all I tell you! Pray! Pray! Pray!”

You are strongly advised to follow the instructions outlined in the beginning and towards the end of our Lady’s Book of Messages before reading your first of many messages. Your results will be far better if you pray prior to opening the our Lady’s Book of Messages and if you consult her every day. The Holy Mother has no interest in your intellect. She wants your heart, sincerity, good will, perseverance and love.

She wants you to invite Her into your life. You are not alone! Never! She will come to you. She always does. She is simply waiting for you to say with sincerity and true desire: please come, I need you, please help me. She has helped millions of souls. If you apply yourself, She will certainly help you. To avail yourself of Her supernatural powers, Her immense love, strength and grace decide for Her. This is your choice. No one can make that choice for you. Please come. The Merciful Madonna is your greatest advocate, the most compassionate and most loving Mother. Please come.

“Again I simply remind you to simply open the “Book” at any page and you will find the path that leads to peace and know an indescribable joy.”