The Situation

For more than 10 years now “we” (those associated with the devotion including the “Friends of the Mother of Divine Mercy”) have been with varying success trying to diseminate the Blessed Mother’s message. We need help, the expalnation of why is explained best by Our Blessed Mother taken from the introduction to Her book

How to use the Diary (Her ‘message’)
This diary is not meant to be read from front to back. This diary is very precious. It is our tangible link with our Blessed Mother in Heaven. The way to use this diary is as Our Lady has said, “pray before reading My messages.” Say a pray, any prayer of your choice, then open the diary at random. Read the “Pearl” on the even numbered page. That is the main point of the message that Our Lady wishes to impart. Find the particular text in the dated message on the opposite page and read the message through for that date. This message is Our Lady’s personal message to you.

Our Lady has said of this diary: –

“Have no fear. You must concentrate only on the book I have given you. Delete nothing Providence has revealed to you. St. Joseph will guard it in purity and I will guard it in maternity. It will be a star that will shine out for all the world to see and a fresh breeze blowing through the Church. Never before in the history of the Church have I blessed such a book as I have the one I have given you. Truly My Image is the Mediatrix of all graces. Pray! Pray! In prayer you will obtain everything.” Oct. 24th 1997

“In essence, the book of messages is for the renewal of every soul.” Apr. 2nd 1998

“If you pray, you will find the answer to every situation that has no peace and where no peace can be found. Open the messages and ask Me what message I want you to live each day and I will tell you. I ask you not to live the messages of the world but live My messages and you will find peace, and they will spread and you will be truly happy, and everyone will see in you the reflection of My messages.” Jan.14th 1999

“I have given you the greatest sign that I am truly with you in every situation. This sign is, that I speak to you when you open the book. In this way I help you believe with your heart.” Jan. 31st 1999

“Abandon yourself to My Immaculate Heart. In that way you will be able to overcome every evil that threatens you. You do this by opening the book and reading My messages every day. Let them change you. In this way you will experience the graces God wishes to give you through them. It is for this reason I am speaking to you through them, but you must listen with your heart if you are to comprehend My words.” Feb. 1st 1999

“Again I remind you to simply open the book at any page and you will find the path that leads to peace and know an indescribable joy.” Mar. 11th 1999

“When you hold the book, you hold Me, your Mediatrix of all Grace. At any moment no matter where you are and you feel worried or you have lost your peace or you simply need Me, open the book at any page and follow My words and in that moment you will experience that deep calm that is within My Immaculate Heart.” Apr. 19th 1999

This diary is also a great comfort when you are particularly worried or upset about events in your life, as Our Lady has said, “When you need Me, open the book.”

Let Our Lady guide you through Her message

May the good and Merciful Lord and His Heavenly Mother bless you.