The Scapular

The same picture, the same ‘Image’ that you were invited to place in whatever situation you called home, your also invited to take with you. You are the real home of the Spirit (of God) is in you: – (especially when baptized) “Those who love me will keep my word, and my Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. (St. John’s Gospel 14:23) Placing a picture of your Mother over your heart is just like having a locket of your natural mother in the same place. The significance is obvious in the order of nature is enhanced with your Mother in the order of the Spirit……you become in faith a child of a Mother whose home is with you in this natural order, She makes Her home with you in your heart.

“My child, you are immediately called to preserve in your heart, My peace. Many times you fail. Others need your help, don’t think of only yourself. Wear God’s armour Faith, Hope and Love. My child, follow Me in My footsteps, there you will love just as you are called. I preserve you, My child, from the Evil One. I, your Mother, have found many thoughts you have corporal. Your life depends on how you think. Pledge yourself to your Heavenly Mother and often thus you help others. My child, I am helping you to get to Heaven. For this reason are My words spent on all. Wear a replica of My Image around your neck. The reason is to protect you from evil. My child, just love. I, your Mother, call you in this life to live close to and believe this extraordinary favour of your Immaculate Mother. Pray! I bless you.” Sep 19th (page 312)