The Rosary

‘the Rosary’ a spiritual weapon

Catholic or not, it is impossible to speak about the Blessed Mother without encountering Her Rosary. It is part, some would say all, of who She is, the mysteries that make-up the rosary are the reason for Her existence and Her purpose in reaching out to you with Her ‘message’. She has nothing else to give but this truth, ultimately. But all in good time, through Her message She will herself reveal all this to you.

An example of one of many messages that refer to the rosary “Hello My poor little one, so afraid of everything, of even failing to invite Me in when you know that I love to be asked. My little one, don’t be like the grasshopper who can’t wait to explore the next leaf. Trust it to Me. I know what I will give you but it is only for you to (ask). You see I help you even in this! My child, the world is closing in on (you) but My Immaculate Heart will protect and see to it that all is as it should be. Don’t worry! Pray the Rosary with love in your heart.” July 7th. (my paraphrase in brackets)

There is copious information about the ‘Rosary’ to be found, books, pamphlets and of course on-line; remember though, prayer is you, so no other persons conversation is yours, You have to pray first not debate the purpose, need or benefits of praying before you pray. God owns you nothing, nothing except the ‘truth’ that is. Faith is an intellectual gift that is aided by sound reason that explains reality. Pray and ALL will be revealed to you in God’s time. I have attached a basic description of the mechanics of how to pray the Rosary linked to this website.

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