The Mission – spreading the Message

Our Mother has given us All a great gift in Her message. We who think of ourselves as Her ‘friends’ have been given a great responsibility too, a responsibility that is proving difficult to fulfill – We need help. This little ‘Blue Book’ as it is often referred to can in an instant changes a life and makes the reality of eternal life available to someone searching. We need to make Her ‘message’ available.

Our Lady has said of this book: –

“Have no fear. You must concentrate only on the book I have given you. Delete nothing Providence has revealed to you. St. Joseph will guard it in purity and I will guard it in maternity. It will be a star that will shine out for all the world to see and a fresh breeze blowing through the Church. Never before in the history of the Church have I blessed such a book as I have the one I have given you. Truly My Image is the Mediatrix of all graces. Pray! Pray! In prayer you will obtain everything.” Oct. 24th 1997