The Message

Familiar with things Christian and Catholic or not, this message is for You. God often uses the familiar and simple but He is not exclusive. If it’s new to You, then it’s new, but the promises are just the same. God has allowed Jesus’ Mother privileges because She is special. Everyone can understand and accept that. She is Your Mother whoever You are, the question is are you wanting Her to be Your Mother. You are Her child in the created order, but in the Spirit you become Her child by adoption through choice. Her ‘Message’ is Her choosing, Your acceptance of Her message is your choice. That is all She asks, She will do the rest.

Your acceptance of this message will involve three key elements

‘The book’

Jesus’ Mother, Our Mother through choice, has played an active part in the life of Her children in many differing times, places and situations. This Her ‘message’ his unique but with the same intention, to make a spiritual home with you in this life so as to bring you to Her eternal home forever. Her ‘message’ is a Mother talking to her child presented in the form of a diary made up from her conversation with a chosen child. With this book, this diary She will talk to you in the same personal way, Mother to child.

“Dear children I do love you infinitely. Don’t be sad if your life is not filled with Divine favours. It is not this that is important. What is important is that you persevere in prayer and do not give in when life becomes hurtful. I am the Blessed Mother who shall come in the midst of all your misfortunes and keep you safe. You should know this. Be as good as you can. Live in faith all I tell you. Pray. Pray. Pray.” April 26th. 1992 (page 412)

‘The Image’

A picture of your Mother in your home would be a relationship made real, a natural response that has supernatural life it’s gift that only this Mother can bring. She herself has asked for this, and She becomes ‘Queen of the Home’. Your home, in whatever situation is that is called home to you. This is the second element.

‘The scapular’

The third element is a way of Identifying yourself as a child of our Mother by accepting the gift of a scapular is a common response in Catholic Christian life. It is however a simple human response of relationship. Our Mother makes this relationship deeper and Her blessings and protection as well as many other gifts and privileges come with your acceptance as a child.

These I would say are the key elements all of which comprise Her message; other elements that become part of this chosen new life would develop soon after, a particular way of praying the Rosary, a group prayer format She calls Her ‘cantons’; and a medal will be made available, but all in good time and when your ready. This Mother never rushes and accepts you as much as you can understand and respond.