The Image

‘Every picture tells a story’; but this picture can do much more than that, Mother said; in fact She promised……

“Hello My dear child. I have something rather important to tell you! Where My Image is honoured and placed in esteem, God will spare all who live through the night of trial that is to come! A most striking wonder will My Image perform in souls who look with love at Me. Upon you My little one, who are true to Me, I will guard and protect because you over a time have been faithful. Live with this in your heart and let My love give you strength so that you never imagine yourself lost. Pray! I am the Blessed Virgin who has revealed this to you.” Sep 4th (page 296)

‘A picture says a thousand words’. The Blessed Mother herself explains the depth of meaning in this picture as you grow to know Her message, yet the most important thing is to have a picture of your heavenly Mother present because were Her picture is She is too.