The Aim, spread the ‘Message’

The Blessed Mother asks for willing Souls to help disseminate Her message. We can see all around us the need to support Her many distressed children looking for the true meaning of life. How can we best do this?

“The Book of Messages I have given you is essentially the Message I wish to give to every soul that is including the souls of Priests. In essence the Book of Messages is for the renewal of every soul. Providence will reveal to every soul how best they should be spread. That is, in the manner in which they feel it in their soul, how it should be spread, as this is shown to each soul. Only thus will each soul receive the blessing of the Message if they spread it, if not no blessing will be received.” April 2nd 1998

– Printing the “book” Her ‘message’

The first task is to translate the Blessed Mothers message into the many languages of the world; for the willing Soul whom the Blessed Mother inspires we will send the book to them to translate. We expect the chosen souls to be confidents of the Blessed Mother inspired by Her ‘message’. The same individual’s, inspired by Her ‘message’ and supported by others will be encouraged to organize into prayer groups following the Blessed Mother’s prayer format which she calls Her ‘cantons’. In todays Internet world prayer groups can form readily using social media. Printing and distribution of the Blessed Mother’s book will include distribution of the ‘image’ and the making and distribution of the scapular. In all these endeavors we will look to the Blessed Mother to find support and support one another in Her ‘mission’. (See also: how to Respond: Our Lady’s Cantons)