Requests for books and other items


At present requests for books and other devotional materials can only be obtained by writing to one of the two addresses shown below, email requests cannot be considered present. The book is not solid for profit, but we do rely on donations to print the book and provide the other devotional materials.

Payments made through the UK are made to the “friends of the Mother of Divine Mercy”

Friends of the Mother of Divine Mercy

P.O. Box 262
United Kingdom

Friends of the Mother of Divine Mercy

P.O. Box 424
New York 10504 USA


SEE Florian Homm’s website:

To obtain the Blessed Mother’s book in German:

-Important Message……….. please note

We are aware that others have printed the book, their motivation is between them and the Blessed Mother; we try and see the positive side of such situations because we have proved to be inadequate (so far) in disseminating the Blessed Mother’s message. We are open to all reasonable and modern ways of making the Blessed Mother’s message available (without a profit motive), such developments are necessary we believe and perhaps inevitable. Were not policing the situation with copyright and legal constrains, rather we wish to encourage those committed to helping the Blessed Mother in reaching Her children with Her message in a way that She would like this to be done. We would love to hear from such people and help support one another fullfil the Blessed Mother’s mission.