Our Lady’s Book

A small soft cover book, presented in the style of a diary, often referred to as Our Lady’s blue book. Some 438 pages most of which is taken-up with what are diary entries on one side. Each individual diary entry has a highlighted sentence of phrase in it that is referred to as the ‘pearl’ of the message. This can be found on the opposite page on it’s own. Together with a few introductory pages, which include how to use the book and extra prayers and information at the end, a simple book with large type setting, nothing could be more ordinary; except this book was designed and collated by our heavenly Mother.

The messages themselves were given to one individual ‘child’ originally who was told to collate them into a book afterward. When used in the way the heavenly Mother directs the recipient who becomes Her ‘child’ She is speaking to personally. Nothing could be simpler. All you need is faith and She will speak to you. How did this happen, Our heavenly asked that some of the messages given to a ‘seer’ in Dublin, Ireland in 1989 be compiled into book form. In fact, She chose which messages were to go into the book and also the format the book was to take. In a message given in 1997, when the book was first printed, Our Mother said, “Never before in the history have I blessed such a book as the one I have given you.” She also said “I have given you the greatest sign that I am with you in every situation, this sign is that I speak to you when you open the book”, you can invite Her into your life.