Nature of the Investigation

– A Statement Concerning Olive Dawson –

I write the following testimony with regard to Olive Dawson, and the special grace she has received from the Lord to survive solely on the Holy Eucharist since 1999. I have personally known Olive for twelve years.

A Team Assembled for Observation and Evaluation

In order to authenticate this claim, I assembled a team to provide a thorough and rigorous observation and evaluation of Olive Dawson. The team was composed of the following:

A Director (Priest)

A Licensed Psychologist

A Medical Doctor

A sociologist

A Registered Nurse

A religious community

Location for Observation

I selected the Monastery of enclosed Sisters as the location for the observation of Olive Dawson. The Abbess and community of Sisters were agreeable to assist in this process.

Interview and Evaluation Before Entering the Monastery

A psychological interview with Olive Dawson was conducted before the observation began, and at the conclusion of a 22 day period. A Medical Doctor was arranged for a medical evaluation and blood test before the 22-day period of observation at the Monastery.

Guidelines and Restrictions

Prior to her arrival at the Monastery, I had instructed the Sisters with regard to the observation of Olive. I also put in place a set of rigorous guidelines and restrictions which were necessary to preserve the integrity of this observation and authenticate the special grace given to Olive.

The following guidelines and restrictions were put in place for the entire 22 day period of observation:

1 The day Olive arrived at the Monastery, her suitcase and personal belongings were examined by the Abbess with another Sister to assure that she had no food or beverage, or nourishment of any kind, in her possession. In fact, there was absolutely no food or beverage of any kind found, or any form of sustenance, in her possession on the day she entered the Monastery.

2 During the 22-day period of observation, Olive would remain in the Monastery with no visitors permitted.

3 During her stay with the communnity, Olive Dawson was accompanied day and night. There was a Sister assigned to accompany Olive at all times. Several Sisters rotated this assignment.

4 At night, Olive was instructed to keep the door to her room open. A Sister remained with her through the night. It is also noted that at night all doors leading to any other area of the Monastery were locked. Therefore, at night, Olive was confined to the floor where her room was located. There was absolutely no access to any area where food or beverages were stored. The Sacristy was also locked.

5 Showering was monitored: Olive’s head was always visible and someone monitored her.

6 A nurse came each week to check Blood Pressure, respiration, and temperature for the entire length of the visit.

Olive Dawson displayed complete obedience and profound humility in her response to what was asked of her. I testify that there was absolutely no possibility whatsoever that Olive Dawson took any food or drink, except for the Most Precious Body and Blood of Christ (Bread and Wine), during these 22-days. Moreover, each day she was given only a small piece of the Sacred Host, and received the Precious Blood by intinction. (Dipping the bread into the wine)

Conclusion of Evaluation and Observation of Olive Dawson

On the basis of the testimony from the professional team participants, as well as the signed testimony of the Monastic community, and my own personal observation, I can testify with certainty that Olive Dawson truly survived for 22-days only partaking of the Holy Eucharist (Bread and Wine). She took absolutely no food or drink or any other form of bodily sustenance.

The Psychologist determined that Olive was a mentally balanced person with no sign of psychological difficulties. The Sociologist also concluded that Olive was a balanced wife and mother, comfortable in her family life and environment.

The nurse who monitored Olive during the 22 days of observation reported all normal vital signs with no sign whatsoever of dehydration. Furthermore, when Olive Dawson arrived at the Monastery she was physically ill with fever and congestion from a flu. She took no fluids or food, and no medication during this period. However, she did not suffer any dehydration. There was no change in heart rate or blood pressure, no change in skin color. In fact, she completely recovered.

The reports and testimony of the Medical Doctor, Psychologist, Sociologist and Nurse clearly indicate there is no human explanation for this phenomenon.

Therefore, as far as I was able to humanly determine, with the help of a professional medical team, it appears that this special grace lies within the realm of a supernatural gift, without human explanation.

I wish to be abundantly clear. This letter is not to be construed as an official or definitive statement of the Catholic Church, or an endorsement of Olive Dawson by any Church authority. It is meant to be my personal testimony to the credibility and truth of a most special grace granted to Olive Dawson. I have no authority whatsoever to declare the approval of the Catholic Church. I have only offered the testimony of an unworthy priest concerning a most beautiful and rare grace.

The community of Sisters have submitted a signed written testimony from each Sister involved in this observation, as well as comments of the whole community in regard to what transpired in their midst for 22-days beginning on May 11,2010 and concluding on May 31,2010.

I offer this personal statement to Bishops and Pastors who may find it helpful to clear up any misunderstanding in reference to Olive Dawson. It is my hope that this special grace of Olive will serve to strengthen our love and devotion to Jesus, present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Director (Name will be made avaialble with discretion)