Investigation into Olive’s gift

Report and Testimonies


Olive Dawson

August 21, 2010


Enclosed Monastery of


Located in the USA

To whom it may concern

August 21, 2010

Dear Father Director:

May the Peace of God be with you: We proceed to render a report about Olive Dawson, during the three weeks that she stayed with us. Following the report, you will find testimonies that some Sisters in particular desired to give.

Please feel free to suggest, correct, delete, or question anything that you deem appropriate.

In the Service of Christ,

Rev. Mother Maria – Abbess


Olive Dawson arrived at our Monastery on May 10, 2010, accompanied by the senior clinician.

She was received by Sister María and promptly they went to the room in which she was to lodge during her time in the monastery, in the extern portion dedicated to guests.

She brought a large suitcase, a smaller one, and her purse; which were inspected by the senior clinician and Sister Maria, for the purpose of ascertaining there was no presence of food or beverage of any type, nor any other food product, whatsoever.

Olive Dawson stayed in one of the rooms that we have in the Guest House at the Monastery, which has a bathroom and shower.

Olive Dawson had access, only, to the chapel and garden of the monastery; the parlor, where we have purified, bottled water and a refrigerator, remained locked with key day and night during her stay with us. During the day, continuously, Sister Catalina, Mother Maria, Sister Maria, Sister Leticia, Sister Veronica, would go to her room to ascertain how she was or converse briefly, asking for prayers or to pray with her.

Only a few times, did Sister María ‘O’ also visited with Olive to speak with her briefly.

Olive Dawson day and night maintained the door to her room open with lights on, the entire time she spent with us. We found her praying, rosary in hand, or reading the book dictated by Our Lady, or praying the Liturgy of the Hours, or some other spiritual book.

Mother Maria, at the request of Olive Dawson, brought her some medals of Our Blessed Mother and other saints, to put them in a cord to wear around her neck, the ones we give to our benefactors, which she did diligently. She always received us amiably.

She used the telephone to communicate with her family in England, for she explained that her husband had surgery the week before she came to the United States.

At night, the Sisters, daily took turns keeping watch, in an adjacent room in front of Olive Dawson’s quarters. The Sister staying at night in the adjacent room would also keep the bedroom door open. The distance between the two rooms is less than two meters.

Sister Catalina accompanied Olive Dawson when she was bathing and when she washed her teeth, morning and night, before retiring to bed, to be assured that she [Olive] would not drink water while bathing or doing her dental hygiene. Also it was surprising that at no time she made use of the toilet to defecate or urinate.

Once she [Olive] finished bathing or washing her teeth, Sister Catalina locked the bathroom in her quarters with key. She would re-open it solely in the evening, when Olive washed her teeth before retiring to bed, and immediately she [Sr. Catalina] would lock the bathroom with key.

Olive Dawson remained in the Monastery all this time, not leaving for any reason, and did not receive visits. Once a week, a nurse who works in St. Joseph’s House, for HIV patients, a branch of the Ministry of Caring, came to take her vital signs: pulse, blood pressure, and degree of hydration. The nurse would be surprised each time she came, for the results of the check up were always satisfactory, all within normal, and she mentioned to us that a person who does not eat or drink, dies after fourteen days, and if she is fortunate, might still live a few days more.

Soon after arrival at the Monastery, Olive caught a bad cold and constantly coughed, which lasted a bit more than a week. Although we suggested she take some medicine, she did not take any to alleviate the cold symptoms, and equally maintained her perpetual, total fast, of no food or beverage whatsoever.

We were witnesses, and very awed, that she did not eat nor drink absolutely anything, during the twenty-two days she was here; only she [Olive] received in Mass half of the Sacred Host (half of a thin round wafer of unleavened bread, 1 inch in diameter), dipped in the Chalice of the Precious Blood of Jesus (fortified Wine). Yet, her countenance was healthy, beautiful, sometimes radiant and full of physical energy. Olive told us several times: Jesus said: “My Body is true food, and My Blood is true drink” and I experience this in my own body, by the grace of God.

Additionally, we also saw that at night she slept very little; and even at night, Olive continued praying the Rosary.

Olive Dawson exuded from her body a special fragrance, a pleasant aroma, similar to perfumed oil, which was imperceptible to her, but noticed by the others. One of the Sisters asked her what type of perfume she was using, and Olive responded that she only used a cream for the face and hands, and she [Olive] showed her the tube of cream, uncapped it, and allowed us to smell it, at which we realized it had absolutely no scent of perfume.

Mother Maria asked Olive to give a conference, to all the Sisters, to speak with us about the Eucharist and Our Blessed Virgin Mary. On two occasions, she did it, increasing our love and faith in Jesus on receiving Him in Holy Communion and also our love for Our Blessed Lady and the Rosary.

Olive told us that since the year 2000, she does not eat nor drink water, in other words, she has survived ten years without taking any food whatsoever, and lives solely on the Eucharist, Isn’t this an awesome, extraordinary gift?

We give thanks to God, for the favor He granted us, to have Olive Dawson come to our monastery, and for having us share with her these three weeks. It was truly an extraordinary grace.

We thank Father Director. For having granted us this marvelous opportunity of knowing Olive Dawson, up-close, an instrument chosen by God through the Blessed Mother, so that the People of God, all over the world, one in which materialism and so many worldly interests, cause Humanity to lose itself in vain and fleeting occupations, may revive its faith and love for the Eucharistic Jesus; and so that each time we receive the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus, it may be a profound encounter of God with His creature, a Loving God, Who once more wants us to know He again extends His Arms full of Mercy, Who wants to be with His children daily, in His Coming to Earth and taking them with Him to Eternal Joy. And thus, we reflect, that we have a caring Mother, who accompanies us each day to help and shelter us.

Olive Dawson is an extraordinary walking prodigy, work of Divine Power, a prodigy which the world needs urgently, to see and hear, that it may return to God!

This report is presented by

Mother Maria -Abbess

Personal testimonies

I give my testimony of the times it was given me to take care of Olive at night: she did not take water or food whatsoever. Being near her several times, I perceived an aroma like that of perfumed oil. In one of the occasions that I spoke with her, when at night I went to receive her blessing, she told me to receive Jesus with a greater faith, meditating on Whom I was receiving and afterwards to remain an intimate twenty minutes with Jesus to give Him thanks. That many times we receive Jesus by routine, and don’t think it is the Divine Food that invigorates our body and nourishes our spirit.

The next day that we received the Eucharist, I had a very acute pain in one foot and felt without strength to work: then, I remembered the advice Olive had given me, and I asked Jesus, that as He did with Olive, that His Body and Blood that I was to receive would heal and strengthen me. And thus, I was able to experience Olive’s teaching, when one receives Jesus with faith and is mesmerized in His Presence.

I was also able to see that Olive is always happy and smiling. Even though she does not take food, her face is rosy. At night, she slept but little, remaining half sitting upon her bed, resting against a pillow, in prayer, and saying the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin. Olive also spoke with me about the respect that is owed to the Blessed Sacrament in the House of God, that people should come appropriately dressed, to the House of God, and hold silence in the church, and refrain from talking out of respect for the Blessed Sacrament.

This is what I witnessed.

Sister María.

I had the privilege of being very close to Olive, since she arrived, with the exception of one week that I was on retreat. I was able to confirm the very special grace that God gave her to live on the Eucharist, and that she recognizes it is solely through God’s grace. I enjoyed her company very much, her simplicity and life of prayer. She is always seen praying day and night, for she sleeps very little.

She is very special and normal at the same time, her conversations are simple and cheerful. She only speaks of Jesus and the Virgin.

Sister Catalina.

I see in Olive a completely normal woman, without extravagance or fanaticism in her comport or in her conversations. She is a woman, quite modest, reserved, simple, and prudent, amiable in her manners, and open to all our questions.

Her great spirit of continuous prayer is impressive, as well as her spirit of penitence to a high degree. The mayor portion of the times I visited with her in her room, or in the chapel, or the garden, more often than not, I would see her praying, or meditating on the Liturgy of the Hours. And, if for any reason, I had to tell her something, she would tell me if at all possible, she would like to complete the Rosary and not leave it half-prayed.

I also admired her great docility and prompt subjection to the least request made of her, even if it were difficult for her. Being close to Olive, I thought to myself, that in various apparitions, the Blessed Virgin, appears to children, those to whom She in her graciousness manifests Herself, because these children are docile, have faith, and don’t doubt what the Blessed Virgin tells them, and they believe totally, in Her words and messages, and adjust themselves to them. Besides, the children are humble and don’t look for appearances, nor to be recognized nor applauded. They are intercessors between the Blessed Virgin and Humanity.

With utmost joy I saw that Olive practices all those virtues with all naturalness.

Olive has a great love for the Blessed Virgin, and her life revolves around Her, her principal occupation is constantly praying the Rosary, to be attentive to the indications of the Virgin, to proclaim the greatness and power of the Rosary, and above all she is a witness of the Power and Living and True Presence of Jesus, God and True Man, in the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

At all times, that I went and talked with Olive, I felt impacted, because of what she issues forth from her person, and I told her that she is a very special person. She would tell me, “I am not a special person, I am simply a wife and mother of a family; before the graces of God I feel very small, I am nothing, it is God and the Blessed Virgin, Who do their work in accord with their Will.”

This she would repeat with such conviction and sincerity. I also admired her great docility to the Grace and Inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

I, personally, give testimony, that in the days that Olive was in our monastery, I experienced the power of a prayerful person. I felt a great peace and greater ease in prayer in and out of the chapel. I also experienced the Presence and Love of Mother towards me of the Blessed Virgin.

Having come to know Olive, increased my faith in the Living and True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist; Olive told us that up to twenty minutes after receiving Communion, Jesus is within us in a special way. She also told me of two things that I have never communicated to anyone, and answered two, for me, very important petitions, that, in prayer, I asked Our Lord to illumine me, for I wanted to know His Will. Olive told me all of this, without me having communicated with her about it. I felt profound peace in my soul and I thanked God with all my heart for having responded to my petitions, through Olive.

Each day, at 6:00 a.m., I would go to Olive’s room to open the bathroom door, so she could shower and wash her teeth, this is how her day began, although, in reality, she sleeps very little during the night, as she continues to pray with the Rosary in her hands, even though she reclines on the slightly raised pillow, with the light turned on at all times.

On Friday morning at 6:00 a.m., when I went to her room to open the bathroom door so she could bathe, she asked me to allow her to stay in bed longer because she had a big headache. I saw that she was quite pale, and her facial expression was one of pain. I asked what I could do for her, and she told me not to worry, only to allow her to rest a bit longer. I went to sit in the visitor’s parlor to make time; I let her rest forty minutes more, for I worried to see her ill. She later told me that on Fridays, Our Lord permitted that she experience physical pain. Thus passed the day in that state of pain, but she went about it, at a normal rhythm, as on the other days, in prayer and saying the Rosary.

At mid-day, Olive went to the garden and was sitting in one of the benches, attaching to a cord, the medals that Mother María Magdalena, had taken to her. In the afternoon, after None Prayers, I went to see her and she smilingly told me that the headache left her at 3:00 p.m.

Each day that Olive was with us, during the Eucharistic Celebration, after the Priest who celebrated received the Host, Olive would approach the altar to receive the Holy Eucharist. She received half of the Host, dipped in the Chalice of the Precious Blood of Jesus.

For Olive, it was difficult to accept the mandate that during these three weeks she would only be permitted to receive half of the Holy Host and not drink of the Chalice of the Precious Blood.

She commented, that it seemed as if she were on diet, and she felt a certain emptiness in her stomach, on only consuming half of the Holy Host. And she said to me: Jesus says in the Gospels: “My Body is True Food and My Blood is True Drink”, and for me [Olive] it is my sole nourishment.

And she said that back home she assists Mass twice daily, and that truly she felt the difference even physically, during this time of testing. Although it was difficult for her, she submitted to this test.

It is my prayer, that Olive, flame which God has lit, place herself on the lamp stand so that others can see the light, and that such will not remain hidden beneath a box or underneath the bed. No, “Do you bring in a lamp to put it under a bowl or a bed? Instead, don’t you put in on its stand? “Words of Jesus, in Mark 4, 21-22.

Sister Leticia.

For me it was a great thing to be near Olive, experience such faith and confidence in the Eucharistic Jesus. When Olive received the Eucharist, her countenance was transformed, and one could see that she was in profound intimacy, and total abandonment in Jesus. To see her was to receive darts of peace and love in my heart.

I slept several nights in the room in front of hers. It is as if for her time would be inexistent to be in a state of prayer and say the Rosary day and night.

Also at night, we would pray the Rosary with Olive; I felt such peace and the Living Presence of the Most Holy Virgin, this is with what love and enthusiasm she prayed her Rosary, it even seemed as if she was seeing the Most Holy Virgin.

When I shared with her, there was such happiness and peace in my soul, that I cannot explain, and my love for the Holy Rosary, grew more. Now I pray my Rosary with more fervor and confidence, in that my Most Holy Mother is with us and is happy that I pray the Holy Rosary.

Sister Veronica.

I, Sister Veronica Leo Dlamini, testify that I had a privilege to be close to Olive Dawson during the time she was here with us in the Monastery.

This was a time of grace for all of us.

I am one of those who accompanied her and witnessed her life of simplicity. I spent days observing her every move, and prayed the Rosary with her.

She has a very deep and profound love for God and Our Blessed Mother.

A very indescribable human being; one wonders if she is really human, and yet she is fully human, because I related to her like I do with any normal person. I shared a lot with her.

A woman who neither eats nor drinks, who never hungers for food that perishes, but for food that lasts forever. A very honest person about everything she does.

She wanted the test to be guided, wanted to be observed, did not look for opportunities to be by herself; even though she valued her privacy. But she said, “let it be for now”. She was very authentic. She does not want to draw attention to herself but to God.

She does everything for the salvation of souls and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as she expressed.

For me Olive lives and feeds solely on the Bread and Wine of the Eucharist, nothing else. She does not eat, and yet she is a normal person, an extraordinary human being, who lives on the Grace of God!

Translated into English from Spanish