How to respond

– Respond to the ‘message’, the importance of Prayer –

The “message” is an invitation to a conversation, a response. This is the gift of the message the Blessed Mother wants to give to ALL who respond……… Traditionally this is called Prayer, but people’s ideas about prayer differ greatly; it all depends on the point from where you start. Prayer is important; prayer is necessary for spiritual communication: What follows below are the ‘pearls’, the key phrases of just some of the Blessed Mothers messages that refer to prayer:

– “All you need do is pray—–Don’t worry! Pray—–I come to teach you the value of prayer—–I pray for you so that you will be better—–I want always prayer in your heart—–In all difficulties pray, pray, pray—–It is never too late to begin to reach depth in prayer—–Now is the time for prayer—– Only in prayer can you learn how to be good—–Pray for My intentions—–Pray for poor sinners—–Pray much—–Pray slowly. Take time to pray—–Pray trust and know I am near—–Pray well—–What can I say if you don’t pray—–Your only comfort is in prayer”.

You will find that the Blessed Mother will quickly recommend the prayer that is so closely associated with Her that it will become unavoidable, She talk about it so much…and for good reason; ‘The Rosary’. A separate section will talk about the rosary. But first we need to briefly consider the question: How to Pray!