How to Pray, what to Pray

There are as many answers to this question as there are people. To everyone open to the Blessed Mother’s message, to use that much overused phase: She will meet you where you at! If you were to look at any one instance, the variables are almost infinite: whom you are, where you are (in terms of your life). The circumstances (infinite variables here), your needs at that time or in the future, your knowledge of who She is, dare I say it; how desperate you may be just at that moment, your request and even your prejudices; if you’re angry against Her or God. There are no preconditions on Her love for you as a child. Remember, this is a gift from God, there are no human limitations, just a purpose: To reach out to you, and so your response whatever, wherever and however it comes, even if its just tears, is a PRAYER. Like any relationship, the conversation will grow, getting to know one another; She has a great advantage however, she knows you and all about you. Whether you have any knowledge of Her, or think you know all about Her (a practicing Catholic, or even a learned theologian) the message with it’s unique ‘meaning’ for you at that moment, it is a conversation between a ‘Soul’ (you) and God’s Mother.

Life is a journey, but the longest journey is from the head to the heart; Life’s joy’s hurt’s and problems all produce a unique landscape to pass along; Your Mother knows your heart, “You see I know men’s hearts and I know how they fool themselves.” (message 7th Feb) She knows the best way there. Use Her message and She will take you. The life of prayer will follow, again this greatly depends from what point you are starting out, a catholic, a believer, a searcher, a skeptic; prayer will be different but just as real if it comes from the heart.