Florian Homm Testimony

A passage to hope, faith and love
By Florian Homm, October 2014 (the shortened version)

Welcome! Here is my little story.

Our Lady`s Messages of Mercy saved my life and gave me purpose. I began following Her messages in 2010. Over time, Her wise and loving words changed my way of being, how I saw the world and how I was relating to others. They gave me strength in my darkest hours in prison and hope that one day all would be well.

Each day, her intimations give me insight and a firm belief that She speaks and guides us through our trials and tribulations through Her wonderful little book. Not once, has She failed me. Not once, have Her messages not been pertinent and helpful. In fact, I would not be among you writing this testimony if it were not for Her messages of mercy, hope and love.

As a matter of inspired choice, conviction and gratitude, I have consecrated my remaining time here to make Her messages known to other souls. I am certain, that those who read and open their heart to Her, will also experience grace, peace, fulfilment, love and possibly wonders in their lives. Your initial reaction may be extremely sceptical, but your initial scepticism could not have been greater than mine, when I initially began reading Her messages. As a notorious short-seller and hedge fund manager, I was once called the Anti-Christ of finance and the Destroyer.

Today, I am a firm believer in Her infinite compassion and love for Her children. I know first-hand, that She is fully capable of performing wonders. These graces are available to all, and that is why I want to share my experience with you. So, take a few minutes and read this testimony. I pray that Her messages reach you and that they may change your life for the better as well.


My devotion to spreading Our Lady’s messages crystallized while I was in prison in Italy awaiting extradition to America. I was facing nine possible life sentences of 25 years each or a total 225 years in maximum security prison total without a chance for parole.

The second serious challenge facing me was progressive Multiple Sclerosis, first diagnosed in 2000 and reconfirmed by three penal Neurologists and one court appointed medical expert in Florence and Pisa.

The final challenge was defending myself against criminal charges in America without the necessary means, completely abandoned financially and emotionally by almost all of my friends and most of my family.

To make matters even worse, shortly after my incarceration, my Mother Maria Barbara Homm (Uschi) who was fighting like a lioness for my freedom, was diagnosed with advanced bone and lung cancer. Uschi was so sick, that she was no longer able to visit me in prison.

My surroundings were appalling and my prospects were grim. My support network was collapsing as I was running out funds to defend myself. Unable to fund a proper defence in US court, let alone mounting legal costs in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Without any money, I would be assigned an utterly inexperienced and overworked state appointed lawyer in Los Angeles in a vast and complex case to defend myself against an entire government machinery with unlimited resources. You may grasp why my physical and mental state was highly agitated. However, this was only half of the nightmare I was facing.

In 2014, Italian prisons ranked second to last of all European prison systems. Only Serbian prisons were rated lower than those in Italy. After six months in prison I could no longer walk without a cane, had lost 70 pounds, my lung capacity had shrunk by 50 percent. To add insult to injury, I was confronted with ongoing extortion attempts. On my first day in Florence-Solliciano prison, I was placed in a room of 19 square meters, with seven other detainees. For several months, the guards kept me locked up in my cell 23 hours per day. Both of these facts are blatant human rights violations. I had to wait more than a month just to get a pillow.

I received no treatment for my disease, which got worse every week. I got a serious urinary tract infection, suffering from urinary incontinence and therefore unable to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time for nine months. I treated the infection myself by blowing soap into my urinary tract with a long straw. In Florence prison, I was placed in a section reserved purely for Islamic prisoners, and spent 2 months with criminally insane and highly violent felons. I spent several months in tiny and very harsh isolation cells with temperatures varying between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Without any explanation, simply to break me, I was moved from one cell to another almost twenty times, more than any other inmate of the 1,500 detainees in Pisa and Florence prison at the time. I experienced first-hand more than a dozen human rights violations according to Italian and European Law. I am not an exception. There are thousands of lawsuits pending for similar human rights violations from mistreated prisoners in Italy at the European Court of Human Rights.

Maybe the most serious threat I needed to confront was extortion. Due to extensive television and media coverage of my arrest, nearly all inmates knew something about my financial background and presumed wealth. The Commander of the Florence prison in Solliciano warned me that I would be subject to extortion attempts either by inmates, guards or a combination of both groups. It was vitally important to build networks, learn the language and build alliances to survive. I learned the language from television and made it through two extortion attempts only because of the kindness of two Muslim brothers, one from Morocco and one from Gambia. In Pisa prison, an honourable man and fellow Catholic from Calabria took me under his wings.

Murder in Pisa

My life had been edgy long before prison. In 2006, I barely survived an assassination attempt in Caracas, Venezuela losing my spleen and half of my left lung. The bullet I took remains lodged in my 12th vertebrae, dangerously close to my spinal nerve. While the risk of paralysis was ever-present for me in a combative and violent environment, a serious immune deficiency (no spleen) is far more disturbing in such an unsanitary and sexually promiscuous environment. Not having a spleen made me defenceless and far more vulnerable against diseases prevalent in many prisons such as HIV, Hepatitis A, C and D, Bronchitis, Pneumonitis, even open and chronic Tuberculosis to name a few. For months, I was in the same cell or in regular contact with inmates with such pathologies, which were all potentially deadly for me. We all got dozens of mosquito bites during the summer as these miserable creatures moved from inmate to inmate sucking our blood. It was never a question of, whether I would be infected in a bloody fight, sharing plates, cutlery, showers and bathrooms, but only when. Fifteen months passed and the Holy Mother shielded me from the inevitable.

I survived. Others were less fortunate. At one point, four inmates I knew “were abandoned to die” within a few months. We only numbered forty prisoners in the Pisa infirmary. Each death was easily avoidable and was solely the result of medical neglect, poor oversight or repression.

The most notable public case is that of the late James Edward Burke. James died on August 10, 2014. His multiple severe pathologies such as advanced diabetes, very poor heart condition after two heart attacks and two strokes and morbid obesity had all gone untreated in the Pisa death factory. The prison diet was toxic for James. The medical director withheld medicine, which was critical for James. The water was highly contaminated. As a result, of the unsanitary conditions, James contracted diarrhea, which went untreated. This led to further complications, a fifth stroke and multiple organ failure and then his cruel and unnecessary death. James was an American national, 69 years old, a fellow Christian Brother, a loving husband and friend, who died purely because of medical neglect and pressure by the American Department of Justice to retain him in Pisa prison in spite of perfectly documented, 100 percent prison incompatibility.

In a Spanish prison, the medical director released James for life critical health reasons preferring de facto homicide if he were to remain confined. The Italian judges and their American overlords did not allow such a morally, legally and medically correct decision. They kept James in prison, even though it was obvious, that he did not belong there and was likely to die. Is that negligent homicide or murder. Who am I to judge? I was once a very successful but utterly unscrupulous financier. Had I joined the alleged “good guys” rather than become an arch capitalist would I have acted differently than these bureaucrats? Unlikely. I was much too ambitious to take prisoners on my way to the top of the money tree. As a career minded senior law enforcement type, I would have been just as ruthless. Yet, the Holy Mother also had mercy with me and gave me a valiant calling. Because of her amazing graces, I pray earnestly for these heartless souls and all my vicious enemies that they too discover love, charity, purpose and compassion in their lives.

I could have been another James Burke, but the Divine Mother guarded me with Her Holy Mantle. I made it through the Pisa death factory alive and without any permanent disabilities. I struggled with bouts of depression and was well on the way to suicide twice. The physical pressures were severe but the mental stress was far worse.

Psychological terror and legal oppression

Under American pressure, the Italians bureaucrats violated their own laws several times. There were five blatantly corrupt and wrong court decisions, very much the result of pressure by agents of the American Department of Justice. For example, during the last twenty years, I was the only detainee judged to be extradited from Italy to America without a proper and valid extradition request at my first, second and third trial. I was the only inmate in Italy’s prison system with progressive multiple sclerosis, a disease classified utterly incompatible with incarceration. Can you imagine, the Italians ruled to extradite me without a formal extradition request submitted by the Department of Justice to the Italian courts? In case you do not understand this, it is like giving someone a death sentence without ever documenting and then filing formal charges.

At the height of this legal oppression, I remained sequestered in Pisa prison for an extra three months prior to my release in June of 2014. I was also the only prison inmate in Italy among 70,000 detainees diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerosis, a disease considered utterly incompatible with prison conditions in Italy and most European countries. We also have tangible proof that Medical records were falsified, and that medical opinions were fudged to prevent me from obtaining suitable specialized care in a modern multiple sclerosis treatment centre away from the inferior and primitive medical facilities in Pisa.

These trials and tribulations are not ordinary even by lowly Italian judicial standards. They are extreme. Without the daily help of the Holy Mother through Her messages, her intercession and infinite love, I would have cracked or killed myself. When I was close to calling it quits, her messages sustained me and gave me the will to live. Friends and family would also appear unexpectedly at the most critical inflection points giving me love and reasons to continue.

Since my release from Italian prison on June 3, 2014, I have recently been placed on the FBI`s Most Wanted List. I am presently writing from a dark, 25 square meter basement apartment. I live very modestly. I am also undergoing extensive physical therapy. Yet I am far happier than I ever was, especially when I was at the height of my worldly wealth and power.

The principal reason why I am still alive, blessed and able to write this testimony is “Our Lady’s Message of Mercy to the World” the Book of Holy Messages of the Divine Mother. This small book contains messages, which gave me the strength to survive, an ability to endure abuse, corruption, violence, torture and deal with an utterly hopeless outlook. Her Divine intercession on several occasions saved my life, gave me reasons not to kill myself, and a purpose to live.

My worldly existence before Our Lady’s messages of Mercy and Hope

From the age of 17 until the age of 47, I focused primarily on becoming successful. By 2007 I was listed as one of Germany`s 300 richest individuals with an estimated fortune of 400 to 500 Million euros. I was a Harvard educated economist and MBA, a professional athlete, serial entrepreneur, accredited diplomat, proprietary trader, a major philanthropist, venture capitalist, financier, hedge fund manager and by 2013, a best-selling author and prisoner. I was also notorious, controversial and confrontational in many of my business dealings. Google me, or read my autobiography “Rogue Financier” in English or “Kopf – Geld – Jagd” in German if the topic is of further interest to you.

I can sincerely state, that I have seen all the world can offer: castles, planes, yachts, flashy women, drugs, power, fame, glamour, academia, abandonment, extensive travel, arts, politics, sports, success, failure, prison, death, violence, crime, even charity balls……I have seen and lived it all.

Ego or Soul, the World or the Life. What will it be?

I can say with complete confidence that the world, our ego offers us nothing of lasting value, only a sense of emptiness as we try to climb this mountain of vanity, self-importance, blindly seeking to satisfy our delusions or the misdirected expectations of others on a path of profound confusion, which leads nowhere.

In 2006 and 2007, at the height of my worldly prowess, I imploded feeling vacuous, as empty and worthless as a deflated sex doll. In the fall of 2007 I had enough, resigned from my job and went into exile seeking answers, a purpose in life until a former Irish freedom fighter gave me a little blue book in 2010, which changed my life entirely.

At the time, I was living principally in the Americas, North Africa and Europe on a fluid rotation of luxury homes, luxury yachts and changing acquaintances. The major difference to my former life was that I now had time to think and reflect because I was no longer working one hundred hour weeks and had lots of time to make more sense of my existence searching a reason for being.

Our Lady’s Message of Mercy to the World

My relationship to God was profoundly superficial and dysfunctional. The core of my universe was Me, Myself and I. There was one notable exception, my ex-wife and later on, but to a lesser extent also our children. My best friends were seven dogs. Beyond a basic intellectual grasp, I did not have the faintest spiritual sense of the Holy Mother or Jesus. My top priority was to lead an adventurous and intense life. Since the age of 15 I have been obsessed with success in all things. That even included sizable but arm-length charity projects (www:our-school-liberia.com), but more as an outgrowth of obtaining diplomatic favours such as immunity than based on an inner voice of love and compassion. Yet, my first two years in exile taught me that time was the greatest luxury and that adrenalin charged adventurism would never give me fulfilment or happiness. I had also begun to discover that there was no positive relationship between luxury and wellbeing. I finally realized that I did not have to own everything to enjoy life.

The Holy messages made some sense to me from the beginning, but as I write this testimonial, I laugh out aloud at my foolishness and the great difficulties I had to grasp what the Holy Mother was trying to tell me. As I reflect on the last four years, I conclude that at least 99.93 percent of all souls will find it much easier to benefit from the Holy Mother’s messages than me. Why?

At one point in my life, I had spent about half a decade developing highly complex, quantitative valuation models, which then generated huge profits for my clients and me. I probably spent three years of my life thinking of what to luxury to indulge in next: castles, palazzos, planes, ships, antiques, nightclubs, sports teams…and three decades deciding what to buy or sell for my clients. My ego was so inflated it almost quashed my soul, the ability to listen, do and see with my heart.

A Wolf of Wall Street cannot naturally disposed towards spiritual growth and awareness. Net worth maximization conflicts with a clean and bright soul and a vibrant giving heart. As a result, of a thirty-year career and a soul-less obsession with numbers, assets and probabilities, my mind was digital and calculating. My higher senses were largely non-existent or at best crippled. My soul had gone into deep sleep. My heart had become a barren landscape with a few shrivelled trees. A biblical proverb says a camel is more likely to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man is likely to get into Heaven. Well, I was definitely that rich man!

I will spare you more of my silliness here, but let me summarize that the Holy Mother is interested in growing our hearts, purifying and lifting our souls. The very essence is to be more like Her, live more according to Her Son’s luminous example, to pray from the heart, to forgive, give and love and to help those in need. The objective is fulfilment here and true happiness later. There was nothing in my history to qualify me as a Marian devotee, a follower of our Saviour and best friend, Jesus Christ. In 2007, the idea that I would one day devote my life to the Holy Mother and Her messages was unthinkable, not even conceivable.

My mission in life was to experience what the world had to offer to the greatest possible extent: riches and adventure. My worldly philosophy also resulted in rather debauched and primitive behaviour. Please realize, the Merciful Madonna is the wrong advocate if you want a Rolls Royce convertible, a transcontinental jet, a gangsta-style palazzo, stashes of cash, a hot babe with silicon breasts and a pile of 94 percent pure cocaine. When you realize, that you are fooling yourself completely, that you are totally lost and miserable, She will help you get it right. But, you must be open to Her and Her Son and be willing to take the stonier, less comfortable, but far more rewarding path. It is your choice!

The Divine Mother is not interested in your worldly achievements or your intellectual brilliance. Humility, devotion and kindness are infinitely more important than a vain, well-trained digital brain. A kindred soul will intuitively and easily grasp Her messages of faith, hope and love, but an aggressive former hedge fund manager like me, once called the “Anti-Christ of Finance”, had to get shot and experience the antechamber of hell to fathom, believe and thrive under Her maternal touch and experience the priceless, eternal value of Her messages.

You are lucky. Hopefully, you are not a misdirected blockhead like me! These messages, if you are receptive and have the good will to listen and persevere, will reach your heart and soul far easier than mine. They will change your life for the better without confronting such heavy trials and tribulations. My heart and prayer goes out to all souls suffering severely. If you are facing a severe crisis right now, if you feel utterly hopeless, depressed, if your life is at risk I urge you with all my heart to obtain and begin listening to our Lady’s Message of Mercy immediately.


I am grateful for losing my unrestricted liberty, my fortune, my status, my perceived soul-mate, for being on the FBI’s most wanted list…….everything the world fears. I thank God for 15 months of torture in Italy, rogue justice agents, corrupt judges, countless false friends, violence, perjury and false testimony, a wall of lies, total abstinence, abandonment, torture, oppression, cruelty, perverted greed, heartlessness, temptation and confrontation with evil. All these horrible experiences taught me faith, hope and love

Why? Are you mad? This sounds crazy!

Does it really? I am alive. I have become immune to ridicule or the attractions of wealth. I have forgiven and I pray for my worst enemies. I am never alone. I am loved. I speak almost fluent Italian. I have made one good friend for life. I met some good souls even among the staff in those hellholes. I was saved from a terrible fate by two real life angels. I have consecrated my life to a higher purpose and I am immensely grateful for God’s intervention and plan for my life.

I may even be cured! In August of 2014, I received the results of my brain scan and those of a lumbar puncture. The results contrast with prior MRIs, which show lesions in my spine and neck. My brain, according to a prominent German neurologist, is that of a healthy man of 30 years. My spinal fluid does not show infection, irritation or degeneration. These findings are unexplainable medically. Four of the most cynical, sceptical and partial neurological experts in Italy had all confirmed, without the slightest doubt, a light to medium progressive multiple sclerosis. The verdict is not yet complete. My lower limbs suffer from insensitivity and my eyesight has deteriorated markedly in prison, but it looks like I may be on the way to recovery from a vicious and incurable neuro degenerative disease.

Only time will truly tell but I may have many more years to make the Holy Mother’s messages of love known to the world…..many more years here than God allowed my sister Barbara, who died from the effects of Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 49. On June 3rd of 2014, I was released from Pisa prison. Surprisingly for everybody! Not for me!Six weeks earlier, the Holy Mother had informed me, that I would “obtain freedom in a little while”. This message is recorded in my diaries. During the weeks prior to my unexpected freedom, the Holy Mother confirmed without the slightest doubt, that I had learned my lessons and that my time in prison would soon be over. I trusted Her messages then, and I trust them even more now. I wrote three letters informing my daughter, my spiritual advisor Father Keith Windsor and one great helper, that I would leave Pisa prison shortly as a free man. I posted the letter to my daughter Isabella on the morning of my release.

This idea of imminent freedom was preposterous to any objective observer as well as my professional advisors. My lawyers feared I had completely lost my mind. Based on Italy’s extradition history, their doubts were totally justified. After all, according to Italian court records, I would be the first and only detainee alive who avoided extradition from Italy to America in more than a quarter of a century. Yet I walked out of that hellhole a free man. Is all this pure statistical coincidence? How about surviving a bullet shot to your heart from 50 centimetres, recovering from multiple sclerosis. There is no such thing as a coincidence. If you are still reading this testimony there is a reason.

Abandonment and Renewal

In March of 2014, I wrote 12 letters to family and friends seeking a loan to help fund my legal defence in US Federal Court. The combined net worth of these very rich alleged friends and family was easily more than one Billion euros. A small loan was less than a drop in a bucket for these misdirected souls. In most cases, I had a direct role in creating this vast wealth. In one specific case, I would have given my life for one of these individuals without a second thought. I trusted and respected no one more than this individual. The combined total I was able to source from these twelve “friends” and family members for my defence was almost nil. There were two very small offers and some very poor advice. Never before in my life had I felt more pain and grief.

Left to rot and die completely abandoned by your best friends and those dearest to your heart is depressing. Yet the lesson I learned was invaluable. Never lose faith. At the lowest point in my life, my daughter and two old friends unexpectedly appeared, consoling and comforting me, kissing my tears away, giving me the will to battle on. Three months later, I was a free man. I no longer needed the alms of my superrich “friends” and family. The Holy Mother had interceded on my behalf.

It is highly likely, that I am no longer afflicted with multiple sclerosis, an otherwise incurable disease. I have already told you about my Mother’s remarkable recovery from lung and bone cancer. I beat extradition to the USA. I survived a professional assassination attempt in Caracas, Venezuela. These are only some of the bigger events, which built my faith in the Holy Mother and Her messages, but there were countless other occasions when Her loving words inspired me, gave me answers to impossible questions, brought peace and calm and provided love, hope and strength in the face of total despair and seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against me. By the world’s standards, I am now irrelevant, a nobody. In the eyes of the world, I have lost everything, but if you see with your heart, I have gained all.

You may begin to understand why after all these special graces, why I have dedicated my life to the Holy Mother and to making Her Holy Messages known to the world. I am no longer the slave of money, an oversized ego and worldly ambition. I have time for what really matters: love and charity. I laugh a lot, often at my follies. I am a better father and friend than I have ever been. I enjoy simple things much more than ever before. I give. I have a valiant task. My life is great. Thank you Merciful Madonna.

God willing, I will write about this trying time in more detail one day. The title is obvious: 225 Years. The Conversion of a Rogue Financier. For now, all you need to know is, that our Lady’s messages will dramatically alter your existence for the better if you invite and receive Her with love. If you think your situation is utterly hopeless; if you believe that you are wounded beyond repair. Do not give up! She wants to help you and She can. She is fully capable of miracles.

Give the Holy Mother and Her Son Jesus a chance to reach your being. Let Her change your life for the better through Her powerful messages of mercy and hope. She will shield you from evil, and lead you to peace and purpose, even fulfilment if you let Her. Have faith. Listen to our Divine Mother. Be hopeful. Do not give into despair. She is there waiting for you to sustain you with Her love and strength.

Therefore, invite Her into your life! Her resources are infinitely greater than our own. The Merciful Madonna has so much love and strength available to you. It is for you to call on Her. Let her come into your heart and soul. It`s simple. Begin by getting a Book of Her Holy Messages and follow the instructions.

May God bless you and your loved ones.

Thank you for coming!

Hope, Faith and Love

Florian Homm