Welcome to Our Lady’s Message of Mercy of Mercy to the World

Welcome Home........ (to heart of your Mother)

Welcome to the Home of Your Mother; yes your Mother, everyone has a mother but did you know that we have two Mothers, this Mother is a Queen, a Queen of a very important place and she wants her child, that’s you, to be with her in Her home. She wants to be Queen of your Home here and now and God has enabled her to offer you this Home, being part of her family, here in this life. Her goal is to bring you to Her Home, the Home that lasts forever, Heaven. Would you like that?

We who have discovered Our Mother’s massages have been greatly helped by her; she has shared her Motherly council with us and Her love for you will come through in Her many messages in the same way no matter what your circumstance, sharing her Motherly concern for all who are open to be guided by Her in this unique way that is meant for all.


         “Dear child, so listen and pray. I am calling you again to renew your life. Begin again to let Me plan it from moment to moment, to let Me guide you safely through to your true home in Heaven. Don’t get involved in anything other than God’s work. Now, respond by letting Me be Mother of your soul!” Jan 22nd (page 18)


If something is true it stands on its own merits. I cannot prove the truth of this message by human reason. Faith becomes real in experiencing the truth Your Mother is offering You, Faith is something you do and is not an intellectual exercise as so many mistakenly believe. She will meet You when you respond in Faith by using Her message, Her book.

So do you want to hear more? Are you searching, looking for the truth that can set you free to live properly as a child of God. This is such an embarrassingly simple way; it’s simplicity if often the greatest hurdle to overcome. The only way to test the truth of this claim is if you are sincere test this sincerity and give your Mother Her chance. Truth sets you free, and it is offered here in such a simple way.

Whatever your situation, level of faith and understanding; your relationship with the ultimate truth in God will be opened up to deeper growth and richer fulfillment through your Blessed Mother’s message.